Will Not Launch as Planned

Regrettably, we have made the tough decision to put the launch of on hold. There were many factors in this decision, but most notably the constriction of the aircraft rental insurance market with only a few underwriters remaining in the country, leading to significant increases in premiums year after year. Second, there is a considerable contraction in piston aircraft maintenance facilities and competent A&P mechanics. For a flying club to be successful, you must have affordable and fast maintenance support, and we determined we would not be able to create a consistent quality product without having reliable maintenance support across the county. Third, the availability of excellent flight instructors is becoming more difficult as the pilot shortage is increasing. The quality of a flying club largely depends on the quality of the flight instructors who are to provide training. We determined the challenges of finding quality instructors would prevent us from developing consistent quality at scale. Lastly, the increases in acquisition cost, parts cost, and the lack of parts availability for most GA aircraft are continuing to worsen. Quality is important to us, and we decided to put on hold because we felt we were going to struggle to offer a consistent quality product with the increasing challenges in general aviation.  We may find ways in the future to provide innovative technology solutions to the GA community, and so we may be back soon with a reinvented product. Stay tuned!